We sell the fruit in 15 and 20 pound bags and 40 pound boxes.  Prices range from $2.00 to $2.75 per pound.


Late August – The Gala apple is a crisp, firm fruit.This Golden Delicious cross originated in New Zealand. It’s fine grained texture and excellent flavor makes it the perfect crunchy eating apple. The Gala is not suitable for long storage.

The Gala Apple is a favourite lunch time snack.



Early September – Honeycrisp is an extraordinarily crisp and juicy apple with a sweet flavor. It is both an excellent fresh eating and baking apple.

This apple is red coloured over a yellow background.

Honeycrisp are a difficult apple to grow.



Late September

A cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples. Often large in size, Jonagold are firm, crisp and sweet apples. Great fresh eating. When sliced and cooked they keep their shape.


organic Ambrosia apples KelownaAMBROSIA

Late September to Early October – This crisp, sweet and aromatic apple has a combination of red stripes over a creamy yellow background that produces an attractive pink blush. The fine-grained, cream-coloured flesh is slow to oxidize, making this apple a great choice for fruit trays, salads and desserts. Naturally sweet, Ambrosias require very little sugar when used for cooking. Ambrosia apples were discovered in an orchard in Cawston, BC.


Organic Fuji Apples - KelownaFUJI

Mid October – The Fuji’s flesh is cream coloured, very firm, juicy and sweet. It is a large apple with a base colouring of yellow/green overlaid with red stripes. It is excellent for fresh eating or for desserts. The Fuji can be kept for several months in a fridge and remains firm and juicy.


Organic Pink Lady Apples KelownaPINK  LADY

Late October – The Pink Lady has a pretty pink blush colour with white flesh. It has a refreshing lemony flavor. This apple stores well for several months.